and today... this happened

There are things you can say out loud and you will be fine. There are things you can say out loud and you'll get into trouble... I look for the balance of what is said in a room and what is not being said in a room. It's all a matter of timing, reading your audience and importantly differentiating between the underlying facts and sentiment and my opinion. Obviously my opinion is right... but at times only to me. So I must hold that tightly and listen to voices other than my own.

In a picture you can say a lot more than you could if you just walked up to someone and said, verbally, something similar.

For example. Whilst on an executive training event with some very senior people in a very large company someone mentioned something about someone-or-other 'cracking the shits'. As the laughter began to subside a participant from across the room called to me "I dare you to draw that then..."

Hmm. A challenge. I was farmilar with this particular audience but I'm also always respectful to remain respectful of my position within the group. So, with all eyes upon me and a brief pause in proceedings to see what I was going to do with this imprumptu moment of scrutiny I set about doing the only single thing that came to mind. Tell it as I had heard it. Tastefully...ish. I did point out when the matter of taste arose, that the hand holding the fractured subject matter was, in fact and for hygiene reasons, wearing a rubber glove... so there was nothing to worry about there.

The image was received rather well and we all moved on. If I had simply written it, I would have been asked to remove it...

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