what IS the benefit..?

It's a nice to have... but is it really bringing value?

In short, Yes. 

Research suggests you can hold the average persons attention for 6 minutes and people will retain information in a constant stream for up to 20 minutes.

How long is your workshop again..?

We also know people learn in different ways and as it turns out a great many of us are visual learners. So part of your audience will need to hear it, some will need to read it and others will need to see it in some visual form. 

A picture tells a thounsand words... 

My aim is not to capture every point and conversation made during your event. It is to capture the essence of each key message in a graphic form that will work on multiple levels. The first is to reinforce the main themes and messages of a workshop live as it takes place, there is always sooo much content and information that it becomes impossible to consciously remember it all. Having a graphical journey of the event as it unfolds is a very engaging mechanism to share your insights. 

After the event your participants or deligates will receive a full colour copy of the artwork as

an output to look back over. The visual prompts of the illustrations will act as a highly effective

means of recall. It's all up there... they just need a trigger to remember the details.

Finally, the artwork is used back in your office or workplace for participants who were present

to talk through and disceminate the informatiuon, decisions and outcomes to colleagues who

weren't at the event. This spreads you message and also helps keep the outcomes front of mind

for all, especially if it's framed up on the wall in head office.





...and if a picture is made up of lots and lots of smaller pictures... imagine how much you can say...