how DOES it all work?

By the end of an event, and by event I mean conference,

workshop, seminar, board meeting, summit, end of year

function, kick-off, key note address etc, you will have

an artwork bespoke to your business to hang on a wall

in head office, send out regionally, use as comms for

those who were not able to attend or a means of keeping

the event energy alive.

on the event day...

I will arrive prior to your event kicking off to set up. This may require me getting set up

with my pens and paper, or linking in with IT to get set up with a screen. I generally liaise 

with IT at a venue first to ensure everything is in place on the day.

Once the session starts I begin drawing and generally don't get to stop until the close

of the session. This is generally done in black and white line work as you don't want to

loose content to colour.

on the post event day...

This is when the colour is added, any extra details you may like to include and

amendments if you feel they are required, which is especially handy if your new

bespoke image is going out to a wider audience (or if you are a government


what you get...


  • the high res colour final image, which for you more technically minded is drawn on an A2 canvas at 300dpi... so it's a big file you can print at A0.

  • the high res black and white image. There is a huge market in adult colouring. It's a great way for participants to reflect back over the event.

  • Low res digital artwork that you can use in pdf's and ppt's.


  • All the original artwork to use as you see fit, signed, numbered & embossed.

  • High res digital images that you can print as A0 posters (or smaller)

  • Low res digital artwork that you can use in pdf's and ppt's.


  • High res digital images that you can print as A0 posters (or smaller)

  • Low res digital artwork that you can use in pdf's and ppt's.


I can get your your artwork framed and delivered. Prices depend upon requirements and preferences.


I can have your artwork printed as posters at what ever size you require... up to A0 anyway.


I work on a daily rate as I am generally based on the site of your event.

If this is of interest to you, send me a few details about your event and I'll get back to you with a quote. 

what is included:

I will bring the paper, markers and my imagination which is all included in the price. If you have ever wondered what $1200 worth of markers looks like, have a look at my marker case...

what is not included:

The additional costs are things such as travel (flights and taxis) accomodation and framing if required. I don't supply projectors or plasma screens, as they 

seldom fit in overhead luggage compartments.

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