So, who am I..?

Firstly and most importantly I'M A DAD. But here is a little background as well... In 1993 I wandered off from Australia to briefly go and see the world. As it turns out that took 20 years. AND I didnt get to see it all. I did manage to fall in a crevase, twice, get shot at, break my back in Scotland, my knuckles in Ireland and my nose in a bank. I stowed away on a ship, hitch hiked, flew, paddled in a place no one had paddled before, got cold in Alaska, chased by a bear, chased by some people with knives, had a rather public falling out with a sacred cow, got caught in an avalanche, was smuggled into Eastern Europe, climbed some things, fell off some of those things, recued a few people here and there, was rescued myself from time to time, met some great people, married one of them... in Vegas... by Elvis, became a Dad, twice, met Angelina Jole, although admittedly at first I thought she was someone else, broke lots of bones, got some stitches, some I did myself, felt very alone in the Himalaya, said goodbye in the arctic, paddled with wales, did a bunch of other stuff and moved to the Mornington Peninsula where I now live with my family, a psychic cat and a beagle who smells like an old sock full of Doritos... even when she has had a bath.

me me photoi.jpg
Denali, Alaska

Here I got really quite cold and took the behaviour of my sled a little too personally.

Yosamite, California

Here I spent 5 days sleeping on the side of a cliff with John and Spare John.



spare john


at about 2000 feet

with another

1000 to go...

I am also Chief Scribologist for smallmountains
Having started smallmountains in London in 2001 I've travelled the world drawing what people have been saying ever since. I have glimpsed into many a complex and strange world from Davos to Miami and rather a lot of places in between. Many of these worlds are very interesting, some I'm glad to be just a visitor... all of them are none of my business. And none of my business means I can be objective and hear information and content for what it is, not what it means to my career, my team or my pay.
I am often the only non SME in the room... which is exactly why I need to be there listening in with my non-filtered yet seasoned ears. I am not an expert in any particular industry (except my own... and still perhaps not even then), but as you can perhaps imagine, having worked on every continent and listened in to many hundreds of sessions, I have heard an awful lot of things. Some I'm pleased to hear, some not so. Either way I can bring my unique insight to your event and help you along your journey.
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